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This past March I decided to make a turn in my life to take better care of my body. I made an appointment with Regina Bouie to help me make this life change.  I found her to be very professional in her practice. The first appointment we discussed a plan that was suitable for my individual needs. I like the fact she treated me like an island instead of a number. I am a senior citizen and this was her specialty helping those in my age group to improve in their nutrition, muscle tone, and confidence to make this change in their appearance. I found her practice gave me guidance and support.  The training environment was done in her home. The environment was personal and inviting. In conclusion anyone looking for a trainer with style and grace Regina Bouie would be the right choice to make that life change difference. Thanks!

- Jevonne Johnson MSN RN

“I have known Regina Bouie for more than 25 years, and I can attest to her ability to be goal-oriented, committed, and focused on positive results in whatever she pursues.  As a personal trainer, she transcends these characteristics to her clients and helps to align their bodies physically to reach individual goals.  She does so with skill, patience, and genuine care, ever mindful that no two bodies are alike, and no two regimens should ever be the same.”

- Linda K.

“Gina is by far the best personal trainer I have ever worked with! In the past, I preferred taking group classes, but after my first workout with Gina I was hooked! She helped tailor specific workouts just for me and I felt energized and motivated after every workout! Gina is passionate and truly cares about helping her clients reach their potential!”

- Dana H.

Gina designs workouts to fit my goals and my body; since beginning training with her, I have achieved marked improvement in strength, core control, and my overall health. I have never been a fan of exercise but accomplishing each workout successfully does leave me feeling better – physically and mentally. Gina tracks my progress, varies the workouts, encourages me and laughs with me. I am still not crazy about exercise but I am a fan of its results. I recommend Gina to anyone seeking a tailored, happy, motivating and rewarding personal training experience.

- Leila Gordon

The best thing I’ve done for myself in 2015 has been to connect with Align Fitness and work with Regina Bouie.  Working out has never been at the top of my priority list, but I DO want to be fit and Regina has made it something I look forward to.  She is always positive, giving me encouraging feedback.  She varies the routines so I never get bored.  As we gradually move up to more strenuous exercise, she celebrates success right along with me.

I have some knee issues and Regina has been thorough in her research to find ways to strengthen them.  We always do a “knee set” at each workout.  I can definitely tell the difference.

I have been amazed as Regina has answered my questions about the Personal Trainer Certification process.  She really knows anatomy, how muscle groups work together to produce movement in the body and some amazing ways to strengthen almost any muscle.  Regina continues to take weekly training with her own coach and is SERIOUSLY in great shape herself.

I feel stronger all over since I began working with Regina almost six months ago.  I would not hesitate to recommend working with Align Fitness to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness level.  Kudos to Regina for her encouraging attitude and extensive knowledge.

- Mary Ann Kral